i wanted to find more of those pics of dan walking dogs

so i googled dan radcliffe dogs


this wasnt what i meant

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Anonymous asked: What is DMT?


Dimethyltryptamine is a molecule found in every piece of nature in this existence. It is believed to be the drug that connects us all. When taking DMT you are shot into the spiritual realm and I’ve heard it’s the most incredible experience of all. There is a documentary on Netflix called DMT: The Spirit Molecule and I highly recommend watching it. They go into great detail of this mystery drug and have lots of info relating to and interviews of people who have experience with it.

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I started going to the dojo when I was in sixth grade. It was a very masculine environment; there weren’t a lot of other girls there but the male senseis who ran the place were great guys and they genuinely loved having female students because we…

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